Can you please share a general skin care routine?

Gender: Female / Age: 30 - 39
Question: Can you please share with me a general skin care routine for daily maintenance? Thank you!
Dr. Schultz: In regards to a general skin care routine, I recommend treating your face twice a day. In the morning, use a cleanser, toner, and then exfoliant (I prefer glycolic products). In the evening, also use a cleanser and then toner, but finish it up with an antioxidant product (I prefer vitamin C, which must be applied during the evening). I also highly recommend that everyone uses a sunscreen even during the winter, and a moisturizer only if necessary. Note: Your sunscreen should always go on after your cleanser and toner and before everything else. Finally, make sure that all products that you use are skin type specific (e.g., oil-free products for oily or acne skin, etc.).