Response to EWG Sunscreen Report

Episode #197 / May 26, 2010
Just this week the Environmental Working Group released a report on 500 available sunscreens for which a conclusion likened them to "modern day snake oil." Clearly, we at DermTV are astounded by this sensational and attention grabbing, yet incredibly misleading headline that can do much more damage than help. Dr. Schultz provides his views on why this report is not credible and why you should, every day, wear sunscreen with an SPF between 15 and 30 with UVA protection.
Bill on June 8, 2010 at 12:33am

There are contradicting reports about sun screens that a lay person like myself
finds confusing.

My main concern is that the chemicals used in sun screens get absorbed through the skin, wind up in the liver and no one really knows where that leads. The FDA says they are safe, but the FDA has been wrong on issues.

Then there is the issue of Americans being Vitamin D deficient. Americans either do not go out side much or when they do they are lathered up with sun screen. Vitamin D deficiency caused various medical problems.

I remember ads from the 1950s where a doctor was smoking and saying how much he enjoyed such and such brand. Maybe he was an actor but smoking was considered to be harmless.

In the the same era doctors performed lobotomies on mentally ill people and this was supposed to be safe. These lobotomised people had permanent and severe cognitive loss and became emotionless zombies.

What I am trying to say is that during my life I have learned that what is considered wisdom in one era is foolishness in another.

I use sun screens but I always fear that in time a legitimate study will find that there is real danger with these chemicals/drugs we lather on our skin.

I enjoy your talks, they are very informative. Thank You.